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Lazaretto (12" Vinyl)

As if I’m 15 again, when music was a big deal, as it is to most 15-year-olds, and I would finally get the new album (Life) from my favorite band (Our Lady Peace) and lie on the bed and listen to it the first time through, reading the CD insert hoping the lyrics were printed there because I needed to know the words perfectly, as I would be singing these songs to myself for the next six months or so.

That’s what I’m doing now. Right now. I am lying on my bed listening to the vinyl through, reading the lyrics off the insert, staring at the cover as if studying artwork. It’s rare now that music strikes that obsessive chord in me. (I should clarify - now that I am older; not that music has gotten worse. My favorite stuff at 15 was pretty bad, but it felt good.)

And this, this feels so good.

For my birthday my boyfriend READ MY MIND and bought me In Your Honor on vinyl WITHOUT MY ASKING and I am sitting here falling in love all over again.

With the album. Also with my boyfriend. (Mostly with the album.)

I’m 16 again! It’s summer! I will never not love these songs, not if I live to be 200.


- Styling by LEONID GUREVICH for GLASSbook // DOE DEERE photographed by JASON SETIAWAN -

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"The Sun and Her Daughter" 2013

This is a 10-page silent comic that I finished recently about the Sun and her daughter the Moon.  It’s based on a dream I once had.

So I hope you enjoy it, and might consider if a reblog if you do.

-J.T. Cole

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